Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Republican Anarchy

I find the Republican situation as it has to do with their next candidate for the Presidency confusing, to say the very least. We know that Cain, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Romney, and Santorum are probables. We also know that Huckabee and Barbour are most probably definitely out (although Huckabee is apparently still open for Vice President, as many others probably would be as well). Trump is also out although he still makes noises about possibly running. It seems that Republicans are not entirely pleased with these five probables and are still desperately looking for Mr. Goodbar. There seems to be no lack of candidates for that title. Giuliani makes noises about possibly running again (apparently not dissuaded by his absolutely miserable showing last time). It appears that Bachmann might well run, and of course Palin is still making (most probably fake) noises in that direction. Huntsman seems to be a increasingly remote possibility. So there are some who want Christie to run, even though he has said no repeatedly. Don’t forget that Allen (of Macaca fame) was considering running at one time. Now there are also some who are suggesting that Perry should run (he has not said absolutely not), and still others who think Ryan should be drafted. The latest person to be praying for divine guidance seems to be DeMint. Who knows who might be next? What a mess. It certainly goes to show that nobody in the party is in charge.

I have a pretty good imagination, if I do say so myself. But my imagination does not stretch far enough to believe any of these candidates are very likely to succeed. Romney, probably the most respectable of the potential candidates, I think might be possible as the nominee but not as President, he’s too phony, a Mormon, and rather “old hat.” Pawlenty is boring and an overly religious freak. Santorum blew it previously when he made his stupid remarks about Gays. Cain seems to be coming on strong but my imagination cannot cope with a Black Republican running against a Black Democratic President. Gingrich is so abysmally awful as a candidate he needs no further attention. Turning to the others, there is the Fat Man, Christie, whose popularity is rapidly dissipating in his own state and needs a limousine to travel one hundred yards. He seems to realize he is not “ready,” which is, I think, a blessing. Huntsman apparently received one (1) vote in Iowa (not 1%, one single vote) so would have a very long way to go. Those who seem to want Ryan to run would seem to lack basic understanding as it is Ryan who has put the Republicans in such a fix. Perry, of Texas fame, would seem pretty unlikely should he choose to run for the Presidency of a country he has suggested seceding from. This leaves us for the moment with the two absolutely awful women, Bachmann and Palin. My imagination, which is pretty active and stretches pretty far, balks at the idea of Bachmann, but at least she has a law degree and considerable experience in politics, especially in Congress. While she appears ignorant of the basic facts of American history and claims to be called by God to run, I can (by really stretching it) imagine her as a candidate (but not as President).

If my imagination balks at Bachmann, it absolutely rebels at the thought of Palin. First of all I do not believe she will even run, but if I am wrong it might eventually be amusing, especially if you sadistically enjoy watching someone being systematically humiliated and deboweled. There is a difference between being ignorant and being stupid. Whereas Bachmann might be ignorant of many things I do not perceive her as necessarily stupid. Palin, on the other hand, is both ignorant and stupid, the thought of her being President does not even penetrate my imagination. With that voice like nails scraping across the blackboard, that look of a contented cow she has when basking in her newfound fame, her swaggering, self-confident beauty queen walk, and those knowing winks now and again, she still comes across as a deer in the headlights, too stupid to get out of the way and about to be run over if she doesn’t. It is probably true she is not serious and only in it for the money and attention, God help us if this is not true. If Europeans do not already think we are insane, Palin for President will remove any lingering doubts.

There is something basically wrong when you have a situation in which the most powerful nation on earth allows anyone and everyone to run for President, regardless of their lack of experience, knowledge of history or government, or apparently even common sense. I am beginning to wonder why Angle and O’Donnell have not declared. Anarchy prevails in Republican circles, good for Democrats, terrible for our country. We desperately need a serious third party.

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