Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Dare He!

How dare President Obama suggest that negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians should start with the 1967 borders? That is something Palestinians want. Whoever heard of such a thing? Naturally Netanyahu is opposed to even the idea of such a thing, arguing once again that Israel will be indefensible, never mind that they possess the best army in the Middle East plus having the only nuclear weapons, plus having the full support of the U.S. It’s always the same old story, poor Israel, surrounded by Arabs backing the outrageous demands of the Palestinians they be treated as humans. Pro-Israeli lunatics like Alan Dershowitz are outraged, others are accusing Obama of “Throwing Israel under the bus,” and no doubt cries of anti-semiticsm will soon reverberate from virtually every corner of the land (if you care to say anything against Israel it is always anti-semitic).

Poor Bibi! It appears that his racist, basically genocidal plan to prevent Palestinians from ever living like human beings is about to crumble at last, and there probably will be nothing he can do about it except keep stalling until the very last desperate moment. The Arab spring has already, and will certainly in the future, both immediate and long-term, change things in the Middle East, and it is unlikely these changes are going to benefit Israel. Of course the Israelis could, if they wished, act honorably and cooperate in a plan to create a truly fair and completely viable two-state solution in which the Palestinians would have the same civil rights as other people around the world. But heaven forbid the Israelis might have to give up some of their illegal settlements and some of the land they have systematically stolen over the years. Of course I don’t believe that even if Israel is at last forced by international pressure to give in to a solution it will be entirely fair to the Palestinians, but perhaps half a loaf is better than none at all. I must commend President Obama for a brave and sensible position but I wonder if he will treat the Palestinians as fairly as he will the Israelis.

When are people going to admit that Newt Gingrich is a complete phony masquerading as the leading Republican intellectual? He is not only just a plump, over-the-hill, blowhard who blurts out what he seems to think is his latest (usually stupid) revolutionary idea, he has now reached the point of total irrelevancy (or would if the ridiculous MSM would stop showing us his every precious word). For the Democrats sake I hope he stubbornly stays in the race as long as he can (it doesn’t look promising).

I must admit to a kind of strange fascination with the Republican Keystone Kops approach to finding a candidate to run against Obama. They tolerated for a time the greatest phony pretend candidate of all, Donald Trump, until he finally gave in to what he sought, his truly stupid TV show. Then Huckabee finally admitted that he, too, did not want to give up his newfound fame on the idiot box and dropped out. Gingrich, who had no chance, will soon be gone. Haily Barbour said he lacked “fire in his belly” and gave up quickly. For the moment that seems to lead Mitt Romney (who literally oozes insincerity from every pore) as the current frontrunner (and I would guess probably the eventual candidate). But there are still other clowns out there making noises about running. Sarah Palin, for example, who almost certainly will not run (it would cost her money) but has to keep teasing that she might in order to stay newsworthy. Michelle Bachmann, who might run (probably with to no purpose other than gaining fame and party influence).Rick Santorum seems to be seriously running although for the life of me I cannot see why. Governor Pawlenty is still around putting audiences to sleep. There is also the somewhat mysterious Huntsman who seems to be considering a run but is being rather secretive about it. I guess there are others even less well-known. I think the Republican party has decided to let these not very promising candidates just play in the sandbox until 2016 when they will try to find a more potentially viable candidate (if, that is, the party has any credibility at all left by then).

President Obama is enjoying himself immensely no doubt, as he knows that no matter how bad he performs (short of outright disaster), the Republican candidate is going to be worse. And if he brings home a few troops from Afghanistan, employment picks up a bit, the economy shows more signs of recovery, and Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot with one terribly unpopular idea after another, he should win in a landslide (his own mistakes notwithstanding).

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