Monday, July 12, 2010

Republican Idiocy

Teenager refuses to give his
seat to 66 year-old Japanese woman,
she breaks his nose with umbrella.

Perhaps I am just unusually out-of-sorts today but I swear that everything than emanates from the mouths of Republicans these days is absolutely idiotic. My computer was acting up today, and it was far too windy to work outside, so out of frustration I turned on the TV. There was a youngish-looking Republican on the Chris Matthews show who said in all seriousness that unemployment insurance was bad because it kept people living where they were instead of going where there might be jobs. That is, I guess, if you are married and out of work, have a home you are desperately trying to keep, have little or no money, you just move your family to Nebraska or someplace where you might find a job. This is idiotic. And when you consider that Republicans continue to hold up extending unemployment benefits for millions, when they are themselves multi-millionaires, you have to believe that is pretty idiotic as well. Of course in this case it might not be completely idiotic when you realize they are merely throwing millions of unemployed Americans “under the bus” in order to make Obama fail and thus have a chance to regain power. This might not be idiotic, but it is certainly heartless and evil.

Of course everything that comes out of the mouth of Michelle Bachmann is idiotic. Now she claims that Donald Berwick, Obama’s appointee as Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, believes in the U.K. “death system.” She also claims Obama has turned us into a “nation of slaves,” which apparently also in her mind (if she has one) has something to do with health care. Even better, she is starring in a documentary that links Darwin to the Holocaust. What do you expect, it’s vintage Bachmann idiocy?

Then there are the Republicans for reducing taxes on the wealthy at a time when such an idea is totally idiotic. Linda McMahon, running somewhere-or-other as a Republican, is on this perennial bandwagon, admitting she got the idea from Reagan, and Jon Kyl is for extending tax cuts for the wealthy even if it increases the deficit (but not for unemployment benefits because they will increase the deficit), hypocrisy and idiocy elevated to a level far above the average.

Republican Representative Steve King has proclaimed that Gay Marriage is a purely Socialist concept, while Rand Paul has stated that the Tea Party has broad bipartisan support (I suppose this is why they can’t even get enough people to attend their rallies). And don’t forget his famous claim that critizing BP is un-American. Idiocy reigns supreme in Republican circles.

The MSM have been having a field day with Harry Reid’s “throwing Obama under the bus,” because he suggested Obama was not always aggressive enough in backing his agenda. This after Obama has been doing fund raisers for Reid and the two of them are obviously close. The Republican media has apparently never heard of friendly or constructive criticism, certainly not when they have a chance to cause trouble as they must have done on the playgrounds, “so-and-so doesn’t like you as well as me,” childish, as well as idiotic and stupid.

Eric Cantor has announced that Republicans could take back the House. This is sort of like saying the sun could rise in the west. Of course they COULD take back the House, but the chances are not great, just more Republican idiocy. And even if this were to happen it would only prove, once again, the idiocy of the American voting public.

My vote for the biggest Republican idiot of the moment is the grandest old pontificating, hypocritical windbag of all time, Newt Gingrich, who has announced to whoever will listen, if anyone, that he has never been more serious about running for President. I sympathize, I have never been more serious about wanting to move to the French Riviera and live on a luxury yacht, feeding on truffles and unborn lamb, and surrounded with worshipful , gorgeous, and nubile young ladies from all over the world. I wish both of us the best of luck.

Do not forget Representative Barton’s apology to BP, or “What’s-her-Face” Angles claim that the unemployed are spoiled, or McCain’s claim he never said he was a maverick, or “Diapers” Ritter’s claim that his aide, accused of attacking a woman with a knife, was not working on women’s issues, only abortion, or the recent claim by some other Republican that Obama deliberately wanted the oil spill in order to pass a carbon tax, or Inhof’s claim that global warming is a fraud, or, or, or, or… It would be easy enough to continue this tirade with example after example after example, but the idiocy I have come to expect from Republicans has reached such a predictable and epidemic level I no longer even listen or watch, nor do I understand why the media keep reporting this utter nonsense. I have no idea what idiocy is actually coming from Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, and the other destructive hate-mongers as I have never listened to any of them in the first place and do not ever listen to them now. But whatever it is, you can be sure it is idiocy personified, the ultimate idiocy, the grandfather of idiocy, idiocy so profound you might believe it is a result of weird extra-terrestrially communications coming through the diseased minds of reincarnated extinct hyenas drunk on fermented bananas.

The most common of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind.
H. L. Mencken

In some cultures having a singing cricket in the house is said to bring good fortune.

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