Sunday, August 31, 2014


No, my personal Journey to the West did not come to a premature or unexpected end. Yes, I m still alive. Yes, I have not been blogging for the past month. No, I am not giving up Morialekafa entirely although I am somewhat tempted to do so after these last ten years, especially the last two or three years.

My problem, aside from the nightmarish experience I have had recently trying to change from one computer to another (ongoing), is that I find I no longer believe anything I hear or read. I am convinced that ordinary people like myself now live in a completely surreal world of lies and obfuscations. As I can’t believe anything anymore I have nothing to offer but opinions based on what I more or less “kind of believe.” I do not, for example, believe that Russia is the villain in the ongoing troubles in the Ukraine. I do not believe that the recent Israeli/Hamass “war” was caused by Hamass any more than by Israel (in fact I am much more inclined to blame Israel as they have been the brutal occupying power for so long). In any case, as I do not know the facts of anything anymore, I merely have to surmise what seems to me to be the most probable reasons for anything. Ditto when it comes to Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Iran, wherever.

One result of this unfortunate situation is that I feel I can no longer vote for any national candidate. I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton because she is an obvious supporter of Israeli genocide. But none of the Republican candidates are any different, they all have voted overwhelmingly for genocide. As there will not be a candidate running on a platform to curb the blatant Israeli war crimes and attempted genocide, I will not vote for anyone.

Similarly, I believe that President Obama should be impeached, not for any ridiculous reason having to do with domestic problems, especially Obamacare, but for his support of genocide. He has actively aided and abetted the Israeli assault on Gaza, provided them with ammunition and funds, and basically did nothing to curb them. But how could he possibly be impeached for war crimes and genocide when the entire Congress of the United States is equally guilty?

All of this unfortunately feeds into my fear that the human species will be ultimately doomed to extinction. But somehow I cannot believe that human beings in general are so stupid and greedy. The basic problem seems to be that those in charge (our leaders) have been and are failing us in favor of vested corporate interests that put increasing amounts of money into their  pockets to get the results they want. As a result of this legal bribery (how it became legal is an interesting phenomenon in its own right) the public interest has become totally irrelevant to what goes on in the corridors of power. The public is sick of “war,” but this doesn’t stop us from engaging in endless wars, the public is sick of no sensible gun control but we still have none, the public wants a reasonable immigration policy but there is none, the public wants a raise in the minimum wage but it is proving very difficult, and so on and on and on.

With the vast majority of Congress on the side of corporate power, along with our corrupt Supreme Court, and also apparently the Executive Branch, there seems to be little chance of change in the future. We are well along to a Fascist situation where government and corporations have all the power and ordinary citizens have less and less. As this seems to me to be true, and there is no relief in sight, I am inclined to withdraw and refuse to participate in this farce any longer. I have no respect for the Israeli government and similarly no respect for my own which does nothing to force Israel to cease and desist in its obvious goal of ridding themselves of Palestinians. When even Elisabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders refuse to condemn what Israel has done I see no hope whatsoever for the Middle East. And as the current situation there is a direct result of our meddling incessantly in the affairs of others (mostly for oil and short term profits), there will be no hope until our “empire” collapses.


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