Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Like, Who Cares?

Why does the MSM keep offering us the likes of Sarah Palin, John McCain, and Dick Cheney? Who cares what these rightist nitwits have to say? I suppose there might be a few people somewhere, like Idaho for example, that might still want to listen to them, but I am pretty sure the vast majority of Americans no longer care what they have to say. You might think the MSM would like to appeal to the largest population possible, but they keep giving us more and more opinions from those whose biases and mindlessness are already apparent. Indeed, you might well wonder why we have to listen anymore to Republicans who, we know, will always be ready to oppose anything Obama is for. If you know what Obama is for you already know what Republicans will be against.

I guess Sarah Palin is the best example of someone we no longer need to hear from, a basic know-nothing who had her fifteen minutes of fame, courtesy of John McCain, whose decision to choose her as his running mate has to rank up there with one of the most stupid, self-serving, ridiculous, and contemptuous political moves of all time. You might wish she would simply disappear into the forgotten history of failed Vice-Presidential candidates of all time, but no, we still have to hear from that opinionated, fishmonger’s wife’s, shrill voice, with the regularity of anytime she can get in front of a camera which is all too often. You do have to give her some credit, of course, for advancing mindlessness to a near art form.

John McCain is another one we truly do not need to hear from any longer. If he is not entirely senile he is at least still embarrassed by being defeated for the Presidency by a (gasp) Black man. He now apparently feels that he must oppose President Obama on everything, even if that means delivering contradictory opinions from time to time. Mention a problem or a country anywhere in the world and you know his solution will be “bomb-bomb-bomb.” A jingoist of the first rank you know he believes America is exceptional, always right, more moral, stronger, and should be entitled to rule the known earth.

Dick the Slimy is probably the absolutely worst individual we have to listen to thanks to the MSM.  For someone who should be on trial in the Hague for his obvious war crimes, and someone who has been proven wrong on virtually everything he has claimed, he does not hesitate to offer his poisonous advice at every opportunity, and the MSM gives him plenty of opportunity. He may well lack any moral compass but he certainly doesn’t lack for chutzpa. Please MSM, don’t give him any more airtime, and that goes for his bloody-handed colleagues like Wolfowitz, Rice, and the rest of the torturing warmongers that all ought to be in jail.

I believe in free speech and I do not believe in censorship, but I also believe in editorial supervision. Why the editorial boards of the MSM think the majority of their viewers want to listen to the opinions of has-beens, never-weres, failed pundits, the simple minded and assorted failures I do not know, but I, for one, would prefer to never hear from any of these characters again. At least our borderline retarded ex-President has the decency to just “lay low” and paint pictures. Thank you Mr. President, it’s the best thing you have ever done.

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