Friday, May 09, 2014

Me and Kati (16): Weary...

 Kati, you are the only one I can talk with in this remote sea of right wingers, true believers, and other odd characters.  I have been for some time finding it harder and harder to blog. I’m not sure why this is, perhaps I am just getting too old, have little creativity left, am lazy, increasingly uninterested, or, I have finally just grown weary of watching the witless Washington warmongers wishing for more wars and, otherwise, for all of our real and important problems to somehow magically disappear without requiring and action or effort on their part. I realize they are too busy collecting their bribes to have much time for governing.

I confess, my little feline friend, I do not know what to make of it all. I certainly do not know what to think of President Obama, who seems to have a strange and complicated problem of bipolarity in both the domestic and foreign policy realms. 

Domestically, Obama appears to be on the right side of the general public as he is for jobs, a minimum wage, fair pay, unemployment insurance, universal health care, education, and infrastructure improvements, the environment, immigration reform, and even taking action against global warming. How can I not respect him for these priorities? On the other hand, he seems to be in bed with the Big Banks and Wall Street and is obviously in favor of pumping as much oil and gas out of the ground as fast as possible. He may even approve the ghastly Keystone pipeline. I think he also believes in nuclear energy although that is an issue that seems to be dying. And, although he talks transparency, he doesn’t “walk the walk,” has been very secretive and hard on whistleblowers, as well as on immigrants. Some of these latter interests do not seem to jibe very well with the former, and seem to me a kind of bipolar witlessness.

When it comes to foreign policy I am even more bewildered. He has managed to more or less extricate us from our two failed “wars,” and has even managed up until now to keep us from starting new ones, with Syria and Iran at least, this in spite of the attempts by the Neocon hawks and Israel to push him into such foolishness. I believe he should get much credit for this. But I had thought he and Putin were getting along reasonably well and cooperating in some important areas, but now the coup in Kiev seems to have ended that important relationship. Why Obama would have joined with the E.U. to overthrow a democratically elected (although granted, terrible) President in Ukraine (presumably to draw Ukraine into NATO), and is now supporting a new Ukraine government that includes neo-Nazis as well as anti-Semites, and is urging them to attack, murder and burn the pro-Russians in the Ukranian east, I do not understand. This seems to me clearly inconsistent with his otherwise foreign policy attempts, again apparently bipolar witlessness.

It has been suggested that Obama’s mistake was keeping on many of the Bush appointees and some of his opponents (as Lincoln is reported to have done). Thus while Obama might have been in favor of diplomacy his Secretary of State and others were more hawkish and have influenced him to do things he might not have elected to do on his own, the cases of Syria and Iran are good examples. Hillary Clinton and Gates apparently wanted to get militarily involved in Syria and damage Iran. I suspect, Kati, there may well be some truth in this explanation, and it may well be that Obama was not completely “in the loop” when it came to the coup in Kiev. It is also quite possible, I believe, that Obama and Putin may be secretly cooperating to keep the Ukraine situation from getting completely out of hand. Of course I do not know what goes on in the corridors of power. I like to think this Obama/Putin collaboration might be true. If it is true Obama is owed even greater respect.

Of course when it comes to witlessness nothing can compare with the behavior of Republicans. They have positioned themselves as being opposed to virtually anything that might help ordinary people. The polls are quite clear on minimum wages, unemployment insurance, jobs, and etc., but in spite of the obvious majority of support for anything the desires of common people are irrelevant and the desires of the 1% are favored by the GOP. Now they have even set up a new committee to investigate Benghazi even though the facts of that tragedy are already known and have more than abundantly been made clear. If their goal is to win elections this is witlessness carried to an obvious extreme. Kati, you are such a good listener. No matter what I say you just lie there on my lap and purr. I forgive you your occasional witlessness as you, being a cat, don’t know any better, and what you do doesn’t harm anyone. The witlessness of humans is not the same.

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