Monday, March 03, 2014

Out of Control

I know very little about what is happening in the world. The only information I get comes from television news and magazines. This means, in effect, I know virtually nothing, and what I think I know is probably wrong. I should not write about things I know so little about. However, I notice ignorance does not stop anyone and everyone else from commenting on things they seems to know little about. So…

It seems to me, that as others have observed, American foreign policy is completely out of control. The recent coup in the Ukraine is an obvious case in point. It seems the European Union and the United States collaborated in a violent coup that removed a democratically elected President from power, forced him to flee to Russia, and replaced him with a person of their own choosing. In other words, just another case of our patented, “regime change” we have been using for years around the world and have been using very much lately in the Middle East. Vladimir Putin, no dummy when it comes to such things, immediately sent Russian troops into the Crimean Peninsula to protect Russian national interests, including but not limited to, the large Russian naval base there. The U.S. and the E.U. are outraged and accusing Putin of aggression against the nation of Ukraine. Apparently in the eyes of the U.S. and the E.U. organizing a violent coup against a democratically elected President is not considered aggression. Ukraine, by the way, was historically part of Russia for a very long time, a majority of Ukrainians speak Russian, and many Ukrainian citizens consider themselves to be Russian. Ukraine is a near neighbor to Russia and is obviously within the Russian sphere of influence. I am not aware that the U.S. shares a border with Ukraine and is, in fact, thousands of miles from there. What goes on there should be none of our business.

But, of course, everything that goes on in the world becomes our business, when the goal of the neocons is to control the world, and force all nations by threats of military action to make sure their national interests do not conflict with ours. Many, if not most nations, usually comply as they cannot stand up to the U.S. Russia is an entirely different manner. Putin will do whatever he wants and no one will realistically be able to stop him. It is not at all clear at the moment just what he will do. He could simply just take over the Crimean Peninsula, or he could even take over all of the Eastern Ukraine, perhaps even all of Ukraine. He might well do none of these things and wait impatiently for the new government to form in Kiev so that negotiations might begin.
No doubt you are aware that the western part of Ukraine wants to join with the E.U. whereas the eastern part wants to identify with Russia. As the new government in Kiev is basically anti-Russian, apparently also anti-Semitic, and as one first step they changed the status of the use of the Russian language in Ukraine, I believe Putin has every right to be suspicious of what they may try to do. They are surely attempting to lessen Russian influence.

I cannot tell you why, but my belief is that President Obama, although compelled to object to the Russian move, was most probably not personally involved in this coup. I think he has lost control of the State Department and the Military, who seem to have taken over and are actively following the same neocon strategy that Bush/Cheney favored that led to the war on Iraq. This is why we are actively involved in Syria, Venezuela, and several elsewheres, and precisely what the neocons would like us to be doing in Iran. It is to Obama’s credit that he managed to not attack Syria and so far has resisted demands to attack Iran. I wonder if he will manage to control Bush’s foreign policy or if finally he will be ignored and shunted aside. His biggest mistake was to keep in office many of the same officials that did the bidding of Bush/Cheney and, among other things, made the worst foreign policy blunder in history by attacking Iraq.

I am beginning to believe that John Kerry is little more than a buffoon who enjoys flying around the world telling everyone how they should behave, mindlessly repeating our mantra, “All options are on the table” as he goes. The MSM and the Administration can badmouth Putin all they want, and they certainly do at every opportunity, but Putin will have the upper hand in his own backyard. As he controls so much of the oil and natural gas Europe depends on, sanctions against Russia will probably not work very well or for very long.    
Can you believe that Kerry actually said, “It is really a stunning, willful choice by President Putin to invade another country…You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext.” One can only wonder where he has been for the past few years, or if he is just another mindless American foreign policy idiot like John McCain and Lindsey Graham.


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