Monday, January 13, 2014

Money vs Morality

It appears that more and more Senators are joining the bandwagon for more sanctions on Iran even though the White House is opposed and President Obama has threatened to veto any such legislation. It is not all Republicans calling for more sanctions, both Chuck Schumer and Cory Booker, and some other Democrats as well are in favor of sanctions, even though the President has said more sanctions at this time would be both inopportune and possibly deadly to the diplomacy.

One would certainly have to wonder at the motives involved in this attempt to sabotage the negotiations (if not, indeed, the sanity of the proponents). Why would anyone in Congress apparently favor potentially starting another illegal, unconstitutional, and unnecessary war in the Middle East when there is a very good chance for a diplomatic solution? It is, of course, Israel that is the most adamant about sabotaging the negotiations, having repeatedly failed to force the United States to attack Iran for them. They claim they are afraid of Iran’s nuclear program, afraid Iran will produce a bomb, afraid Iran will attack them with it, and so on. But that is just an excuse as Israel, the U.S., and the entire world knows that could never happen because of the already existing possibly 400 such bombs in Israeli hands and the thousands more in the U.S. The real problem is who is to have hegemony in the Middle East.

In any case, consider what is involved here. Israel has committed numerous war crimes against the Palestinians and continues to do so. The International Community has repeatedly criticized Israel for illegal settlements, stealing Palestinian land and water, herding a million or more into the tiny Gaza strip, withholding supplies, even regulating what can have to eat, assassinating Palestinian leaders, killing Palestinian children, destroying Palestinian orchards, bulldozing their homes, and reportedly torturing Palestinian captives. These things are known, they are not myths and lies. The U.S. has shamefully gone along with what is little more than the slow genocide or, at least, attempted ethnic cleansing Israel has been attempting for years. There is no doubt the Israeli government is a racist, apartheid state. It is also no secret that Israel does not want a Palestinian state of any kind, preferring the status quo that allows them to continue slowly encroaching and building settlements on land that should be part of a Palestinian state. It is clear this is a strategy to make it impossible for a viable Palestinian state to ever be created.  There is no doubt the Palestinians have suffered dreadfully at the hands of the Israelis and continue to do so.

The Senators that now want to sabotage the negotiations by passing even more onerous sanctions on Iran, on behalf of Israel, must be aware of the criminality and immorality of all this. And yet they all want to do what Israel wants them to do. That is, continue the immorality and criminality of the state of Israel, and apparently to hell with the Palestinian and Iranian people. Why are they doing this? They say, of course, that sanctions are needed to put further pressure on Iran even though the President and others fear further sanctions at this time will potentially kill the diplomacy, reveal the bad faith of the U.S., and quite possibly lead to war. The answer, my friend, is “blowing in the wind,” it’s money, and lots of it. Certainly Schumer and Booker are getting money from Israeli supporters, and there is no doubt that many more, certainly Menendez, are as well. In other words, they are apparently unconcerned about Israeli war crimes and mendacity, unconcerned about the fate of the Palestinians and Iranians, but vitally concerned with the size of their war chests. They are selling their honesty and morality, even their souls for money, they are basically high-level, hypocritical prostitutes. Unless, that is, they don’t believe the truth about Israel which at this point in time is well known to all the rest of the world and seems highly unlikely. Whatever else you think about President Obama, if he can stand up to the Israeli warmongers and prevent a war with Iran, he should be given great credit for it.

“Prostitutes operate more responsible than governments; because when you pay them, they do everything to keep you satisfied.” 

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