Saturday, September 21, 2013

Me and Kati (4)

Well, Kati, I guess you didn’t learn from your previous experience with the paint. You look pretty silly walking around shaking one paw after another trying to get rid of the white paint you walked in. I tried to keep you out of that room but you cleverly managed to get in anyway. And not only did you walk on the wet paint, you also sat on it! Lucky for you it’s a water-based paint. Now you’re a gray cat with a white bottom, at least for a time. You’re as bad as Republicans, just doing one damn fool thing after another. Now they are going to try to shut down the government because they can’t do something that is obviously impossible… defund Obamacare. And they’re going to try that stupid ploy again, threatening to hold up the debt limit, thus destroying the credit of the country. You know, Kati, there “oughta be a law.”

You might think (if you weren’t a cat) there would be a law against shutting down the government. I mean, after all, there are even laws against spitting on the sidewalks and stuff like that. I guess no one thinks shutting down the government is a big deal. Of course there are laws that might apply to what they are doing, like, for example, there is a law against extortion, precisely what they are attempting in order to get their way. Or perhaps the law against blackmail might apply. More importantly, there is surely a law against treason. I guess when that Jiminy Cricket look-alike, McConnell, asserted publicly that the Republicans number one priority was to bring down President Obama (and his administration), and they have tried for the past five years to actually accomplish that, it does not constitute treason (it seems to me very close to it). They would like us to consider this nefarious intention just politics as usual, but it isn’t usual at all. Neither the Founding Fathers nor anyone else ever thought there would be a case where one absolutely necessary element of a tri-party political system would simply refuse to participate. The minority party is supposed to cooperate in running the country, not deliberately try to destroy it. But what do I know, Kati?

Of course the way things are now, even if there are laws, there are those who refuse to obey them. Usually when someone breaks a law they pay a price, maybe just a fine, but more often they go to jail. Along these same lines Kati, you might believe it should be against the law to try to prevent certain individuals or groups from voting, but some states try to do it anyway. Of course you might think that money laundering and some shaky credit card schemes would also be against the law. Actually, they are, but nothing much is ever done about it. More importantly, it is common knowledge by now that the major Banks have engaged in all kinds of lawbreaking, but virtually no banker has gone to jail. You see, they steal a huge amount of money, pay a relatively small fine, with no admission of guilt, and then go out and repeat the performance all over again. Laws work differently for powerful White Collar criminals. Come to think of it Kati, maybe you should paint yourself all white. You might gain some privileges.

No, Kati, I like you just the way you are, a nice dark neutral all gray. You fit in perfectly with our all white Spencer and all black Midnight. And in spite of your being a girl you dominate both of them. Happily, there’s no glass ceiling for cats. So keep up your good(?) work (as you do endlessly) but stay off the @#!%#@##! paint! And also Kati, two dead birds in one day is disgusting, even for you. And don’t bring them into the living room! I know, I know, you’re just a cat, you’re not evil, and you do what cats do. Republicans, on the other hand, should know better about what they do, but do evil things anyway. Lucky for us, Kati, we’re not on food stamps, at least not yet, if they have their way we may well be someday. Oh, no, we can’t, because there won’t be any, and perhaps no government either, so won’t that make them happy? But that can’t really work, for if there is no government how will they pass anti-abortion legislation, force women to have vaginal probes, take food from the mouths of babes, and fatten up their already too fat, “fat cats?” What a quandary. Oh, Kati, be glad you’re a cat and not a Republican.  

Did St. Francis preach to the birds? Whatever for? If he really liked birds he would have done better to preach to the cats.

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