Monday, August 05, 2013


Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican Party, has warned both CBS and CNN that if they go ahead with showing films about Hillary Clinton they will not be allowed to show Republican debates on the coming elections. Wow! Really? What a great potential loss that would be for we political junkies. Just think of it, we might not get to see the real Republican hotshots spouting their utter nonsense in prime time. And what a show it promises to be, what with the likes of Paul, Santorum, King, Cruz, Ryan, Rubio, Perry, and perhaps even Trump and Palin potentially offering  themselves for our consideration. We probably won’t get to see much of New Jersey Fats as he apparently rates only number eight on their scale of potential egomaniacal idiots with nothing to say other than to “diss” Obama and Obamacare. If ever there was a political party completely bankrupt of everything except lots of money I cannot think when it might have been. This pathetic demand is just another indication of the desperation the Republicans seem to be experiencing. Somehow they can’t seem to understand they have alienated virtually everyone but White male conservatives, have offered absolutely nothing in the way of ideas to improve things, have blocked every effort by the Obama administration to improve things, and cling to the idea they have something to offer voters other than “hate Obama.” If reason has anything to do with it they should lose both the House and Senate in 2014, but of course reason has nothing much to do with American elections. Maybe they can find a candidate voters would like to have a cup of coffee or a beer with. Personally, I think they should run either Bachmann or Louie Gomert, the true icons of the party. Better yet, why don’t they draft Rush Limbaugh, the true leader of their Party. His ratings have been crashing of late, he may be looking for a new gig, and he certainly doesn’t need the money. That’s it, Limbaugh and Gomert, what could possibly go wrong? Better yet, why not Palin/Bachmann vs Clinton/Warren?  It’s going to be so exciting I can hardly wait.

I confess I have a rapidly accelerating loss of interest in what I guess is going on at the moment when it comes to what I guess is going on. I have to guess as it is obviously the case by now that the great unwashed public, like me, are never really given any real news, are lied to incessantly, are at the mercy of our corporate masters and the obscenely wealthy who now control all branches of government including the (supposedly nonpartisan) Supreme Court. So what’s new, the rich get richer, our foreign policy “sucks,” our institutions and infrastructure deteriorate, our “empire” is crumbling, our elected officials don’t care about us, and more importantly, Annie Fanny had a “wardrobe malfunction” and Betsy Boobs had a “nip slip.” Now that’s exciting!

But just to prove that I am not completely without interest (as yet), let me predict: that (barring some unusual act of God or Nature),Tiger Woods will win the PGA, Mitch (Jiminy Cricket look alike) McConnell will lose his next election, Hillary Clinton will break the iron curtain and become the next President of the United States, Obamacare will thrive only to eventually become a genuine single payer system, and any surviving Republicans will be touting “smaller government and lower taxes,” while still pimping for their corporate masters.  I would like to think that Democrats will become Social Democrats but that may be too far-fetched.

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