Friday, June 21, 2013

Dead Party Walking

What used to be the Republican political party is, for all intents and purposes, now dead, but still walking (crawling is perhaps more accurate). The main reason, in general, for its demise has to do with the fact that it is opposed to anything and everything that might in any way improve the lot of U.S. citizens. This manifests itself in their opposition to unions, the minimum wage, food stamps, unemployment insurance, health care, Social Security, taxes on the wealthy, promoting jobs, and on and on. There are, however, two things in particular going on at the moment that are inevitably going to destroy the Greedy Old Party.
The first of these is their virtually pathological obsession with rape and abortion and attempting to do away with Roe vs Wade. You all know about one Republican’s claim that the female body has a way of shutting down the possible results, and another one’s claim that if a baby results from a rape it must have been God’s will, and still another’s belief that pregnancy rarely result from rape, and others. Now we have a claim so far-fetched as to stun one into complete stupefaction, namely, the male fetus masturbates! This was claimed by a Republican gynecologist and used to explain why the fetus feels pain (if it pleasures itself it must also be able to experience pain). As proof of this claim he explains that you can see the fetus with its hands near its genitals. I wonder where this learned doctor thinks it might otherwise hold its hands and arms while in the fetal position in the womb? Perhaps with its hands clasped behind its neck like swinging in a hammock, or maybe holding its arms extended as if describing a fish that got away might also be a possibility. And what of a female fetus, does it rest comfortably with its hands demurely clasped behind its back? Along with these bizarre notions are also the apparent beliefs that women lie about being raped, that men are in a better position than women to know how women should treat their bodies and health, and they should be made to bear a child to term no matter what. I suppose that while holding such misguided and false beliefs does not prove they are crazy, they certainly certify them as unbelievably stupid.
The second thing that will surely lead to the Republican demise has to do with their opposition to immigration. At least some of them seem to be aware that they cannot possible win elections in the future without the Hispanic vote that went overwhelmingly for President Obama. In spite of this they have done everything possible to delay and defeat any serious immigration proposal. Even if a decent immigration policy emerges after all this it will still be obvious Republicans did not want immigrants and only agreed to them as a matter of political expediency, hardly a position likely to appeal to many immigrants.
So, having lost the Hispanic vote, along with the votes of a majority of women (and not having the Black or other minority votes as well), the Republican Party that exists at the moment creeps on zombie-like into bringing about its own oblivion, truly a dead party walking. Stupid, crazy or both, take your pick.

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