Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blood is Their Argument

“I am afeard there are few die well that die in battle, for how can they charitably dispose of anything when blood is their argument?”

I confess that whenever I see this quote (not very often, I confess) I immediately think of John McCain and his loyal sidekick, Lindsey Graham, who seem to epitomize the sentiment contained in this statement. There is apparently no situation that, according to these two, cannot be solved by immediately turning to violence. And when the violence is over, and they cannot charitably dispose of anything, they solve this by simply moving on to the next senseless acts of violence, or, I guess, they would if they had their way. This seems to be related to the idea of an American Empire, an empire that can be made possible only through the use of our advanced military prowess and our sense of entitlement. Of course we should dominate the globe, change governments to better suit our taste, get rid of those who do not comply with our wishes (and greed), and spread democracy (and Christianity) around the globe. Our American “Exceptionalism” is justification enough, as we are that “shining beacon on the hill,” the “greatest nation on earth,” the world’s only “superpower,” with “the highest standard of living on earth,” or at least we did once upon a time as I think that may not be any longer true.
I find it amazing that Shakespeare somehow anticipated United States Foreign Policy in the 20th and 21st centuries, when the United States did not yet exist. It does seem to me we have not “charitably disposed of anything” even after all these years of violence and war. In matters such as this we seem to be slipping farther and farther behind, especially in recent years. Remarkable how we could have spent so much money, time, and blood for such little reward. Tell me, if you will, what it is we have accomplished in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, to say nothing of all the other bloodshed in which we have been involved. Have we made the world a better place, profited from our bloodshed, spread democracy, “won hearts and minds,” what?
Once again those who use blood for their argument are pressuring for war against Iran, for military involvement in Syria, for supporting Israeli war crimes, to become more involved in African violence,  to stay forever in Afghanistan, to send our killing drones wherever we wish and against whatever targets we choose, and so on and on and on, a veritable carnival of blood and violence. I’m pretty sure that we and our Israeli “buddies” are now considered by most other people to be the major obstacle to peace on the planet (and for good reason).
Curiously enough, although President Obama has blood on his hands, what with Afghanistan and his drones, he has also been opposed to war with Iran (in spite of intense pressure from Israel and their toadies), and is also resisting intense pressure from the merchants of blood to intervene in Syria. I think he should be given credit for this, but his schizophrenic foreign policy remains a mystery to me (perhaps to him as well).   


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