Friday, February 01, 2013

How Bad...

Really, seriously, honestly, actually, how bad does a country have to be before someone (anyone) makes an effort to stop them from any further criminal, immoral, and unconscionable activities? Yes, I am once again concerned with Israel and their treatment of the Palestinians.
There seems to be little doubt that Israel has for years been slowly and insidiously moving onto land that rightfully belongs to the Palestinians, building settlements that have repeatedly been considered illegal by the United Nations. They have been told over and over again what they are doing is illegal. They pay no attention. Now the UN has said they must give up all illegal settlements on the West Bank in order to make it possible for a two state solution (It is clear their illegal settlements are, among other things, designed to make a Palestinian state a virtual impossibility). Does anyone seriously believe they are going to comply? I doubt it.
There is also no doubt the Israelis regard Palestinians as at best second class citizens and at worst less than human. Their racism has been exposed for the world to see. They have assassinated Palestinian leaders at will, bombed Gaza unmercifully, even killed Palestinian children, and effectively made life as miserable as possible for the more than one million Palestinians they have kept herded into Gaza. It is no secret they would like the Palestinians to leave, going to wherever they might, especially Egypt. They have harassed and humiliated Palestinians for years, making them wait for hours to pass by check stands, have made some roads off limits to them, and allowed settlers to attack them, destroy their orchards and fields, homes, and so on. It has become clear that Netanyahu and his colleagues do not want a two state solution, a one state solution, or any solution at all, preferring the status quo and their ability to control the situation to the detriment of even basic Palestinian rights. While I do not know if it is true or not, there have been claims they have also tortured Palestinians held in their jails. I personally believe it may well be true as they seem to stop at nothing to get what they want.
If all this is not bad enough they have now admitted they have been sterilizing Ethiopian women without their knowledge or consent. This is naked racism in the extreme. Tell me how this is any different from similar things the Nazis did in Germany. It is absolutely disgusting, unconscionable, despicable, outrageous, blatant racism, imposed on some by others who apparently regard themselves as a “master race.”
And so I ask, how despicable, criminal, racist, greedy, and immoral does a country have to become before something can be done to stop it. The UN routinely condemns Israel for its outrageous violations but they are blissfully ignored year after year. The one power that could actually do something to stop what Israel is doing is the United States, but we prefer to aid and abet and protect them, thus making us equally immoral and disgusting. Oh, I forgot, one is not supposed to say a single thing against Israel, no matter how mild, apparently to be against murder, arson, and theft is anti-Semitic.

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