Wednesday, January 09, 2013

What the Hell's the Matter...

What in the hell is the matter with most everyone… when it comes to Iran? I absolutely do not understand the obsession we seem to have with Iran and the claim that Iran is somehow a mortal threat, not only to the U.S. but, indeed, to the world.  I believe this is not only ridiculous but also stupid almost beyond belief.
Today, while perusing the news on the internet, I saw some Congressman, maybe even a Senator (I cannot remember) claim, without even the mention of a disclaimer, that we have to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. He said this as if it were a known fact that everyone knew for certain that Iran was in the process of actually developing such a weapon. I am obviously not privy to secret intelligence information about what Iran is or is not doing when it comes to such matters, but  the little I do know from the information I do have is that there is no evidence Iran is in fact even trying to develop such a weapon. They deny it, our own intelligence people seem to agree, and it seems to me there is more reason to believe they are not than to believe they are, and yet this assumption (accusation) seems to persist no matter what.
Chris Matthews, who talks incessantly when he should be listening, said something  to the effect, “I’m ready to go to war with Iran” (presumably if it is necessary). What conceivable reason would we go to war with Iran if it were not for the assumption they are trying to develop a nuclear bomb, which as far as I know they are not? This Iranian obsession seems to have taken over the country even though there seems to be no solid evidence that Iran is doing anything other than what they are legally entitled to do when it comes to enriching uranium. Furthermore, they have repeatedly tried to discuss this problem with the U.S. only to be rudely rebuffed by the Bush/Cheney administration and now by the Obama administration. It seems they are not be to allowed to do anything unless they agree to our conditions even before talks begin.
Now they are subjected to crippling sanctions designed to make them do the bidding of the West. The sanctions work terrible hardships on the Iranian people, especially women and children, but do little to bring about the changes we seem to be constantly demanding. It is perfect y obvious such sanctions do not work very well, witness our sanctions on Cuba and formerly on Iraq (where, according to one previous Secretary of State, the death of 500,000 Iraqi children was “worth it”). At first I thought the sanctions were put in place to placate the Israelis and keep us from an all-out war, but I gather they have some other reason making them, too, “worth it.” I think they are disgusting, disgraceful, and ultimately will have made the situation much worse than it ever needed to be.
I hear this constant refrain that Iran is a terrorist state, supporting terrorists and meddling in Iraq and so on. Yet every time I see them accused of providing arms or something in Iraq, two or three days later there is a retraction that denies there is any such evidence. And while it is doubtless true that Iran helps Hezbollah and Hamas, those organizations are terrorist organizations only in the eyes of the West that supports the criminal state of Israel. It appears that Iran, a large and heavily populated country in the Middle East, is not supposed to have any national interests there (at  least those that conflict with the interests of the U.S. and others far outside the region).
Recently I saw a headline claiming that Iran is a danger to the U.S. because they have been developing ties with South American countries. Apparently they are not only to be forbidden to have any interests in the Middle East, they are also to be denied interests anywhere else in the world. Iran is a proud country with a very long history of civilization (long before we gave up dressing in the skins of animals). We insist on treating them as just another inferior nation that should of course do our bidding without question. This has not, and will not work. It is a short-sighted and stupid policy that has alienated Iran further and further from the U.S. They have tried to use diplomacy in their relations with us and we have rebuffed them repeatedly. It is obvious the issue is not really over Iran having a nuclear weapon (which they are probably not developing and that would be of no use to them whatsoever), but, rather, over who is to retain hegemony in the Middle East. I guess this absurd obsession with Iran keeps attention away from the real source of trouble in the area – Israel.

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