Friday, August 31, 2012

The Greatest Scam Ever

I know I have written about this before, but as I think it is the single most important thing to understand about the current election cycle I feel compelled to pursue it again and again. Republicans are attempting what has to be the most important and potentially dangerous scam ever, especially in Presidential politics. They have been promoting this absolutely shameful attempt at a sort of nonviolent coup ever since President Obama was elected and it was now featured in their convention.

Republicans met apparently on the same night Obama was sworn in as President and devised a strategy to make him a one term President. They may have hidden the fact of the meeting but they announced publicly their intentions. They have remained remarkably faithful to this scenario and have acted accordingly, opposing everything Obama has tried to do to help our country recover from the worst recession since the 1930’s. The results of this are obvious, few jobs created, the national debt increased, wages lower than even previously, unions busted, education shorted, infrastructure ignored, and nowhere near what might have been accomplished for the almost four years of Obama’s Presidency. That Obama has managed to accomplish anything at all is nearly miraculous.

What makes this of unusual significance is that it is completely unprecedented. Never before has one of our two political parties simply refused to govern, to take part in the ordinary management of our nation. The minority party is not supposed to just quit, to do nothing when it comes to the business of the country. It is true they are the opposition party, but they are supposed to be the loyal opposition, not the disloyal opposition. No provision was made for this situation and there seems to be nothing that can be done about it. No provision was made for it because no one, including the Founding Fathers, ever imagined it could or would ever happen, that any political party would put its own ambition above the welfare of the country. Politicians are not supposed to throw their patriotism and concern for the country out the window when they lose an election. But this is precisely what the modern Republican Party has done. In my opinion this could easily be considered treason as it is a deliberately organized attempt to overthrow the legitimately elected President of the country. If treason is not the right word for this I suggest there is no word for it, as it has never happened before in the history of our country.

Republicans deliberately hatched this plot to refuse to cooperate with the legally and constitutionally elected President of our Republic, to ensure that he would fail, and then to blame him for the failure. It is basically a simple and completely transparent attempt to wrest power from a sitting administration and replace it with another. It is hypocritical in the extreme, dishonest in its operation, shameful in its conspiracy, completely un-American, and ought to be both unconstitional and illegal. In some other nations plotters like this would be thrown into psychiatric institutions, jails, or even shot or “disappeared.” It is much to our credit that this does not happen here, but this does not make the problem any the less important and problematical.

What is worse, this scam may potentially work. The MSM, owned by the very corporate powers that want to see Obama defeated, are not exposing it for what it is and never even mention it, and the Democrats seem to me to be oblivious to what is going on. I cannot understand why they are not screaming and yelling and exposing this treasonous behavior at every opportunity. This treasonous scam is so obviously at the heart of the Republican question repeated ad nauseam, where are the jobs, it cries out for exposure. President Obama, Vice-President Biden or someone who can command an audience should make a major speech about this, pulling no punches, and placing the blame for our lack of jobs and progress exactly where it belongs, on the Republican Party conspiracy to make it so.

“Hi, how are you? Don’t run away. I want to shake your hand. I know, you haven’t got your makeup on yet, right? You do, you do.” — The charming Mitt Romney on the campaign trail while running for the U.S. Senate, to a random woman outside a store in 1994.


boba said...

If you think that was great, you're going to love this:
Holder Announces Impunity for Torture-Homicides. Of course it was expected, as indicting one war criminal opens the gates for indicting the whole lot of them. Desmond Tutu's call for just that, indicting the war criminals, isn't going to get much play either.

Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

You have to love the selective memories of the Republican leadership