Friday, May 04, 2012

The Party that Cried Wolf

You all remember, I’m sure, the famous story of the shepherd boy who cried out false alarms about wolves attacking the sheep so often that finally, when wolves really did attack no one responded as by that point they didn’t believe him. So it is with the Republican Party, at least as far as I am concerned. During the Bush/Cheney administration we were fed a constant stream of lies. I’m not at all sure they ever told the truth about anything. Unfortunately this pattern of prevarication has continued to the present time. You know in advance that anything they say or claim about the Obama administration is going to be a lie, everything. If Obama were to claim the sun rises in the east they would say it doesn’t. Their response to anything Obama does is universally and predictably going to be a lie. Anything they say about his record will be a lie. Following in the footsteps of Bush/Cheney, Republicans will lie even when they would not necessarily even have to lie. Lying has become such an integral part of Republican culture, I doubt they can change now even if they wished to do so.

They obviously do not wish to do so. Mitt Romney, who has emerged as their standard bearer, is probably a worse liar even than Dick the Slimy (if that is even possible). Romney lies about everything, especially about Obama’s record as President, and can crowd more lies into a short speech than I would have though imaginable. Apparently taking a page from Goebbels playbook they even lie about really big things, lies so outrageous they leave you speechless. For example, Republican spokesman now claim that Obama’s saving the auto industry was really Romney’s idea, and Romney’s Massachusetts “Romneycare” is not the same as “Obamacare,” and Romney or any other President would have done the same thing when it came to taking out Osama bin Laden, even Jimmy Carter, according to Romney himself. Interestingly enough it might well be true that Carter would have done so, but it is almost certainly the case that Romney would not have done so. Romney is such a serial offender when it comes to lying it is now impossible to believe anything he says about any issue that arises. He has been on both sides of every important issue we have faced, so you cannot determine whether he is lying this time or the time before. Even now that he has the nomination in the bag, so to speak, no one seems to know where he stands on anything or what he might do as President. He has, it appears, the courage of no convictions. I am not a religious person, and I don’t know much of anything about Mormonism, but I find it hard to believe that constant, even pathological lying is a tenet of that religion (or any other, for that matter). I gather Romney observes most of the rules of his religion, he doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee, tithes, and so on, but he certainly, demonstrably, undeniably, even routinely lies. He seems to lie about anything and everything to anyone at anytime if he believes it will please them, but will turn around and say the opposite to the next person for the same reason. All politician lie, to be sure, but none are even in the competition when it comes to Romney. On the rare moments when Romney opens his mouth and a lie does not emerge you can be sure what does emerge will be either stupid or gauche: “I like firing people,” Ann drives a couple of cadillacs,” “These cookies must have come from seven eleven,” and so on. Claims that he is out of touch with ordinary people are true, he is. And having now wrapped himself in a cocoon or web of dishonesty and awkwardness it is difficult to understand how he is going to emerge from it. I doubt he will become a butterfly or even a silk purse.

For me, at least, Republican lies have been so predictable, so constant, so transparent and without merit I no longer even bother to listen to them, they have simply ceased to have any credibility whatsoever, being merely on a par with Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Fox Gibberish.

There is no class warfare in the U.S., our present day rich have no “class.”


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