Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Intellectual Bankruptcy

The Republican Party, it is said, is still looking for their knight on a white horse to appear, a “Great White Hope” to restore things to order, being apparently unsatisfied with not only President Obama, but also their candidates who have already announced, as well as with a number of other possibilities (Palin, Christie, Giuliani, Ryan, Rubio, and etc., etc.) who have not as yet announced (and quite probably won’t). It is said they are looking for an “ideas man” (not, I guess, an ideas woman). In any case is this not a tacit admission that it is a party with no ideas, no program, no plan, only the commitment to say “no” to everything Obama has tried to do? Even Jeb Bush (remember him, the one brother with at least half a brain) has announced they cannot expect to win without some ideas of their own, that just saying no and going negative on President Obama will not be enough (he is apparently astute enough to realize that this would be no time for another Bush to run for the Presidency).

Perhaps they actually do have ideas, other, that is, than the insane ones the current candidates are mouthing every day, but they feel they do not have to reveal them. It is possible their hatred of Obama (he’s Black, you know) is so intense they cannot imagine him winning a second term so therefore there is no necessity to go public with any ideas of their own. Or perhaps they believe their strategy of just saying no to everything will be sufficient to bring him down, which it might as it has prevented him from making any progress towards solutions for our many problems, and with the help of the MSM they control they can unconscionably blame Obama rather than themselves.

I suspect they are, in fact, completely bankrupt of any positive ideas. Their entire philosophy for years has been simply “no taxes” and “smaller government.” As the public is now aware of this, and of its failure in practice, it is necessary for them to create newer ideas, that they are incapable of doing. They are intellectually bankrupt. Furthermore, the implications of their only two ideas, fewer taxes, less government, are so threatening to the well-being of both citizens and country, they dare not try to push them as far as they might like, although they are still trying. Doing away with Social Security (their fondest wish) and repealing Obama’s health care legislation, including also Medicare and Medicaid, eliminating the EPA, the Department of Education, denying global warming, pushing more tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy and corporations, and so on, are just plain suicidal planks in any political platform. Now they say they want to do these things “for the good of the country,” or what they claim is “what the America public wants,” claims so contradictory to what is true they cannot convince anyone other than their “base” that is so dimwitted they will apparently believe anything (God created the earth and everything on it in six days, the earth is only 6000 years old, people and dinosaurs roamed around together, scientists don’t know what they are talking about, etc.). Some of the few remaining more sensible members of the party, sensing now these kinds of ideas will go nowhere in the general election, are increasingly nervous about their current candidates and dreaming of a more presentable candidate who might magically maneuver through the primaries but still be acceptable as a general candidate. This must be truly frustrating for them when it appears that Obama might actually be vulnerable and so far they are unable to come up with a candidate that represents earth rather than outer space.

The polls show this and that and the results of them are announced almost daily. As it is fourteen months until the election these polls are worse than useless, their only function is for infotainment, something to keep us all occupied with nonsense while the powers that be continue to rip us off. The idea of spending two years campaigning for the Presidency, spending probably more than a billion dollars, is such an incredible waste of time and money it is utterly absurd. But it does help to keep our minds off why we are in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the rest of the Middle East (Oil). Oh, I forgot, we’re in Libya to prevent Khaddafy from slaughtering his own people (wink, wink). The whole business is disgusting, but it’s the “American way.”

“This story has no moral,
this story has no end,
this story only goes to show
there ain’t no good in men… “

From the old song, “Frankie and Johnny”

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