Monday, July 25, 2011

The "Super Congress"

Today marks the seventh anniversary of Morialekafa, Happy Birthday to me! My first blog on July 25, 2004, had to do with the hypocrisy of George W. Bush and his cronies. Little has changed since then and, if anything, I believe things may have become a bit worse. I believe this downward spiral began with the Reagan administration, was briefly interrupted (at least in some ways) by the Clinton administration, and then began a much more serious decline when Republicans abandoned all moral and ethical constraints and tried to remove Clinton by any means, no matter how sleazy or disgusting, who they could not defeat in honest elections. In short, as I have said before, it was during this time the Republican Party, with the help of Karl Rove, morphed into what is more properly described as a criminal enterprise existing for the sole purpose of gaining permanent control of the U.S. government, and willing to use any means to achieve that goal. Obama, too, unexpectedly did not fit well into their plan of complete domination so they have made no secret of their single-minded obsession with removing him from office. They seem to be willing to sacrifice the “good faith and credit” of the U.S. to achieve this coup.

It seems there is no limit to what our “leaders” in the House and Senate won’t do in order to make certain they do nothing. Now both sides have come up with an idea for a “Super Congress.” As I understand it this really means a “Super Committee” consisting of twelve members of the House and Senate, six Democrats and six Republicans, that would be empowered to make decisions that could then be presented to Congress for a strictly up or down vote. Get it, another COMMITTEE! Everyone knows that when Congress wants something to die they send it to a committee. As there seems to be no way we can have a legitimate, serious, thoughtful, constructive compromise on our budget woes, we’ll send it to another committee.

There would seem to be little doubt by now that our so-called “government” has become so dysfunctional as to be virtually useless. Our two party “democracy” has evolved into a one party system in which the only goal is to gain and keep power and thus enrich whatever particular corporate interests are providing the finances. The military/industrial/political complex must be protected at all costs, and the only truly “political” dialogue allowed on the MSM has to do with relative trivia like Gay Marriage, abortion, gun control, Sharia law, Muslims, and etc., issues the corporations have little or no interest in but keep our minds off their shameless exploitation of the poor and middle class. Feeding taxpayer dollars to the obscenely wealthy and the corporations are the primary goals and must be protected at all costs. As these entities are huge international corporations with annual budgets that exceed those of most nations, national interest, as such, is no longer very relevant. What does it matter if the U.S. becomes just another third world nation, the corporations will continue to thrive.

The Tea Party, too, has become another thorn in the side of the more basic Republican strategy, although their desires do support the goal of getting rid of Obama. As the Tea Party consists of a group of true believers who have swallowed the kool-aid of Grover Norquist, have little or no experience in governing, and are obsessed with the single issue of spending, they may actually help bring about the more important goal of destroying Obama and helping the Republicans return to power. They have no more interest in actually “governing” than the broader, more traditional Republicans.

I listened to President Obama’s speech just now. He said nothing new, just the same things he has been saying for a long time. When it comes to the debt ceiling and the national debt I believe he is right and Republicans are wrong. It is, in my opinion, absolutely shameful that Republicans will protect the wealthy and the corporations above all else. There is no reason the Bush tax breaks should not expire, no reason the wealthy and the corporations should not pay much more than they are, and if they do not we will obviously never even begin to confront the problem of debt. I also listened to Boehner’s reply, remarkable for the amount of lies and misinformation crowded into so few minutes: President Obama has brought on this crisis, he has refused to ever say yes, Republicans passed a by-partisan plan in the house, and so on, all lies. It is obvious to me the Tea Party is going to cling to their obsession with the no taxes pledge while they heroically go down with the ship. Stupid is as stupid does. Unfortunately their stupidity is going to possibly sink the Ship of State, and we are all going to suffer from their abysmal ignorance and refusal to compromise. Actually, on the issue of the debt ceiling and the national debt, I don’t believe any compromise should even be offered. Some spending should be cut, of course, but taxes on the wealthy and corporations, and the loopholes, should be eliminated, period, no compromise, no excuses, no further nonsense. There has to be a time when spoiled children are emphatically told “no.” I don’t really believe they are interested in fiscal responsibility. They are interested in getting rid of Obama, grabbing power, and installing a Fascist regime that will eventually rule the world (not the Tea Party members, they are too stupid to even aspire to such lofty achievements, but they are at the moment useful toward these ends and are being exploited for that purpose).

From Superpower to Superslum in a few easy decades, you get the government you deserve, may the Great Mystery bless us, one and all.

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