Thursday, April 21, 2011

Him or Me

Weekly goldfish races in Tacoma
replaced with beer pong after
complaints by animal rightists.

Bubblehead: I am so grateful for your eternal vigilance, always keeping the world safe from the terrible excesses of Morialekafa. How about “paying less in taxes than in the history of paying taxes?” Somehow it would seem obvious that you cannot pay less in taxes during a time when there were no taxes. I had forgotten about the brief period of time when there was a 7% rate. No doubt all of my readers were aware of this and had no idea what I was referring to about the relatively low tax rates of, I should have more carefully explained, recent history. In any case, keep up the good work.

Well, it now comes down to either me or Donald Trump. For the last couple of days every time I hear his name mentioned I turn off the TV. This means that either the media drop their ridiculous obsession with this phony baloney or my TV watching news is over. Trump claims to be a genius, among other modest attributes. He has certainly proven his genius when it comes to getting fee publicity, and has also proven the absolute idiocy of the media. I hope he actually gets the nomination, I just don’t want to hear any more about it.

Sarah Palin seems to be slowly slipping away into oblivion where she rightly belongs. I am quite certain that if I had to listen to that shrill fishwife’s voice for more than a day I would quickly go mad. Michelle Bachmann, however loony she may be, at least has a much better voice and seems to be stealing whatever thunder Palin might have had. There is little doubt that so far the Republican candidates that seem to be at least thinking about running are a bunch of losers. If Mitt Romney is the best they can do I don’t think President Obama has much to fear. It seems that the ex-Governor of New Mexico is now thinking of throwing his hat in the ring. How far do you think he’ll get with Republicans with his desire to legalize marijuana? How long do you think it will be before lots of Republicans will start distancing themselves from Ryan’s death wish of a budget?

It is entirely possible, of course, that the media knows exactly what they are doing with the Donald Trump nonsense, and the ongoing rather entertaining situation of the Republicans. It does certainly keep our minds off more important things, like our failure in Iraq, our failure in Afghanistan, our failure in Libya, our failure in the Middle East in general, our failure to actually govern our country, and so on. While we are thrashing about like a nation of incompetent nitwits other countries are forging ahead, already leading us in math and science, life expectancy, health care, technology, and so on. Of course they are not all without their own problems. China, for example, has made a terrible mistake with their one child program which has resulted in a huge surplus of males with virtually no possibility of marriage. I suppose it won’t be long before they will be advertising for “Lovely American Girls,” just as we now see such ads for Philippino, Russian, and other foreign women looking for romance and husbands. As the U.S. (now also known as the land of Obesity, Viagra, and “Low T”) continues to decline, while South America, China, India, Russia, and others continue to do well, things do not bode well for a nation of incompetents. Just wait until one or more of the crazier Tea Party crowd refuses to lift the debt ceiling, then we’ll see some real fun. Such a possibility has never before been taken seriously, but with this current bunch of bumbling know-nothings anything might happen.

I can’t imagine the Founding Fathers ever conceived of a situation in which one of the two political parties would simply refuse to participate in the governing of our nation, in favor of merely doing the bidding of giant international corporations whose only interest was short-term profits. Indeed, I doubt they even contemplated such giant international corporations in the first place. Communism, Socialism, Fascism, were not problems in those simpler times. None of them could have imagined the incredible mess we have made of the nation they created. A nation “Of the people, by the people, for the people,” is now barely a faint echo from the past soon to be heard no more outside of classes in Ancient History.

To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to assume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence.
Friedrich Nietzsche

There are at least two people I know here who are so fed up with things they no longer watch TV at all.

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Bubblehead said...

Dude... if you'd just refrain from using absolutes, it wouldn't be an issue. "Paying less in taxes than almost any time in history" would have been perfectly accurate. A good rule of thumb is "as bad as things are now, it's likely that worse things have happened in the past".