Friday, October 23, 2009

Mr. Wrong Tries Again

Rather than face house arrest
with angry wife, Sicilian man
requests police jail him.

Bubblehead: A very good question, and now a mystery. I am positive I found that quotation by googling “Michael Steele quotes” and it came up with some others. I do not believe it specified it was attributed to Steele but it might have. Anyway, I spent a good deal of time last night and again this morning and I cannot find it again. I have no explanation for this. I confess I did think when I used it that it was kind of vile, even for Steele. Now that I have looked further it is also inconsistent with other things Steele has said about Obama. I think you may be right, it was probably falsely attributed to Steele by someone. But why would it seemingly have disappeared? Perhaps I am just not clever enough to find it again. If it was merely attributed, I apologize to Michael Steele and anyone who might have read it. At the same time I must say I can’t see that it makes much difference to the point I was trying to make, namely, that since Obama’s election the Republicans have been saying things so stupid, outrageous, silly, and negative, as to put off even their own. In the case of Michael Steele and many others, it is not difficult to find some pretty idiotic quotes.

What does a person have to do these days to go to jail? Dick Cheney, who by virtually any standards you can think of ought to be arrested and tried for war crimes and treason, is on the loose again, and for reasons I cannot fathom, some people actually continue to listen to him. Not only is he a blatant and unrepentant criminal, he has been wrong about literally everything from the very beginning of the Bush/Cheney Presidency. He was wrong about Weapons of Mass Destruction, wrong about where they would be found, wrong about how we would be greeted, wrong about how much it would cost, how long it would take, wrong about the relationship between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, wrong about the intelligence, wrong about torture, and even wrong about what a quail looks like. Not only was he always wrong, he lied incessantly in order to get us into a “war” with Iraq. He was also responsible for shifting our troops from Afghanistan to Iraq, thus leaving Afghanistan badly neglected for years. And now he has the gall to criticize Obama for not immediately plunging us into further nonsensical bloodletting in that country. It is true that while Obama deliberates some of our troops may die, but that is nothing like the price we will pay in lost lives if Cheney and others lock us into a permanent conflict there. If Dick Cheney had any decency at all he wouldn’t even show his face in public, let alone try to influence any further Foreign Policy actions. He is at the very best a public nuisance and at worst a raving lunatic who ought to be locked up before he can do any further damage.

But not only is he personally attacking Obama’s Foreign Policy, he and his daughter are getting really big bucks from some Florida real estate mogul to do so. There are going to be a host of ads making Obama look weak and indecisive (as compared with Cheney of course who was strong and decisive, if always wrong). In short, they want to bring down the Obama Presidency (so the lunacy party might somehow regain power and insure we will always be at “war” somewhere and the military/industrial/political complex will continue to thrive). Dick the Slimy is almost certainly one of the most unpopular people on earth, if not the single most unpopular, so why the Republicans want him to front for them I cannot understand. But, then, I cannot understand anything they do or believe any longer as I think they have all “lost their marbles.” So to speak.

John McCain, having previously admitted that he doesn’t use the internet and knows nothing about it, is now putting forth a bill that would take away internet freedom and allow corporations to influence the content and accessibility. I guess all the money he is receiving from the Telecom industry has nothing to do with it. Give a Congressperson enough money and you can get them to do anything, including killing thousands of their own citizens year after year and murdering hundreds of thousands around the world. Our political system has become completely dysfunctional (“the best democracy money can buy”) and no longer has anything to do with looking after the public interest. If Obama can pull off health care reform against the wishes of the Insurance Industry and other corporate opponents, he will be the first President to successfully do so in 60 years. I take this as a sign of better things to come.

Darkended dreams
become modern grapes of wrath
reaping a bitter wine.


Contrary to popular belief toads do not cause warts.

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