Thursday, February 22, 2007

Impeach Cheney

Impeaching Cheney, or better yet, forcing him to resign or else be impeached makes perfect sense. Remember that Spiro Agnew was forced out of the Vice-Presidency for charges that were far less important or significant than what Cheney has been responsible for. Remember Agnew, with his "nattering nabobs of negativism" remarks. He was caught taking illegal bribes for influence - a relative nothing in our current situation of corruption, lying, theft, war profiteering, torture, and treason. Cheney has been wrong on every claim he has made about the "war" in Iraq, including his recent claim that the British withdrawal represents progress. Cheney is the evil Rasputin driving Bush the Stupid to continue his contention that things are going well in Iraq and that victory is just around the corner. He is also guilty of war profiteering big time. It is far past time that he should be held accountable and be driven out of office one way or another. It makes perfect sense for Cheney to go before Bush because that eliminates one of the arguments against impeaching Bush. Get rid of Cheney. Appoint Condi or some other useless Republican and then see what the 2008 election brings. Should be great fun, to say nothing of absolutely necessary if we are to survive another two years of the Bush/Cheney madness. Is there anyone who believes that Cheney was not behind the treasonous outing of Valerie Wilson? Is there anyone who believes Cheney did not plan the takeover of Iraqi oil along with the International Oil Companies? Is there anyone who even listens to him anymore? He is, as people used to say sometimes, "as useless as tits on a boar." In fact, he is worse than useless. He is a cancer on the Administration and should be excised as soon as possible. He wears his slimy dishonesty on his face - just look carefully. Republicans, of course, are too greedy, short-sighted, and stupid to see that Cheney is destroying their party. Hey, maybe impeaching him is not a good idea - let him continue in his destructive ways. If he had even the decency of a cockroach he would resign for "reasons of his health," or maybe, "to spend more time with his family." But no, not Dick the Slimy.

Here at Sandhill it has been snowing all day. We must have 6 to 8 inches of new snow. I don't like it much. But how can I complain when I compare it to what has been happening in the Midwest and the Northeast? Compared with those places this is the banana belt. I guess one of the problems is the fact that we had been lulled into believing we would have an early spring and now have somehow been betrayed. Actually, this happens every year here in North Idaho so I don't know why anyone should be surprised.

I have just finished The Backbone of the World by Frank Clifford. This is an account of a few hardy souls still trying to live and survive along the Continental Divide. These are mostly poor ranchers trying to cling to a way of life that is obviously on its way out. Some interesting characters and some nice descriptions of the country but nothing to keep you up at night. I am thinking of giving up reading simply because there are so many books I cannot even hope to read; this is especially true of books on politics. I bet one could spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just trying to read all the books that are being published on politics. Help me! Help me! Tell me which books are worth reading (if any) and which are just more partisan bullshit.

Finally, I learned today what MSNBC actually stands for. Virtually the entire day today on MSNBC was devoted to the ridiculously unimportant fate Anna Nicole Smith's body and related matters. MUST SEE NOTHING BUT CRAP! Obviously nothing of importance happened anywhere else in the whole world. Oh, I forgot, there was something about Britney once in a while. But relax, be happy, its the American way.

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